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The Maitland & English Law firm provides consummate guidance and services concerning all your contractual requirements such as business contract, estate contracts and many more. Our decades of experience in drafting contracts has made us a sorted choice of many business firms in Orange County.

Whether you want to make a new contract or have run into a contractual dispute, our professional contract lawyers take minute care of each and every aspect to provide quick resolutions.

Nestled perfectly in Orange County, our lawyers are well versed with the prevalent legal regulations applicable for the businesses at local, state or federal level. We closely evaluate your requirements and source the relevant information before proceeding to draft a contractual solution within your budget.

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Drafting and Review Contracts 

Contracts of all sizes and nature require astute planning and attention to be made from scratch or for review.

We deal in contracts of all kinds including:

  • Business Partnership agreements, employment agreements, shareholder agreements, and limited liability company (LLC) membership agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Real estate contracts
  • Leases and many more.

Drafting contracts could be a challenge since language holds high importance in that sphere. In fact, all the drafted contract points must be unambiguously stated factoring in all the applicable norms.

A vague or half-baked written contract does not suffice any purpose, and in fact, dilutes the entire premise. Also, it ensures an onslaught of confusion and prominent disputes between parties involved.

Our competent lawyers boast of leveraging their best knowledge and acumen in drafting contracts with comprehensible language, leaving little scope for any misinterpretation or disputes.

Our contracts not only set clear instructions but forges strong relation and smoothen business transactions to provide complete legal cover.

So, for any form of contractual concern, contact us for a trusted solution from our experienced Contract Lawyer in Orange County.

Contract Breach or Other Contract Disputes ? Call us at 919- 265 -0800

Our legal team has in-depth experience in drafting contracts and related litigation matters to deliver exceptional results. We believe that filing suits for every single matter could drain your resources that could be ideally invested in other forms of dispute resolutions.

We advise alternative dispute resolutions  (ADRs) – mediation and arbitration – to explore every feeble possibility of an amicable resolution for any contractual dispute. If you’re suffering of a contract breach, we represent your defense to take swift action for quick resolution.

Our prime intent is to protect the best interest of our clients whilst striving to protect their business association with the other party. In an otherwise scenario, you will have a proficient contract lawyer in Orange County to defend you in the best possible manner.

Whether there is any sort of contractual hassle, we are there to listen to your earnest pleas for prompt action deemed fit.

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Whether you seek a comprehensive contractual service, a peaceful dispute resolution or a strong defense in court, we are there at each and every step to take care of your minute needs.

Call us  at 919- 265 -0800 for an appointment to hire the best contract lawyer in
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