Professional Profiles

Professional Profiles

There is no single path to take in life and in law.

At Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC, our decisions are founded in law, but our clients’ lives dramatically influence which strategy is most useful in each case. Whether a case involves contentious family law disputes or questions about how to set up a business, we value our clients’ input as well as our own experiences outside the law because it helps us make more informed and effective decisions.

We bring a diversity of experience to the table in legal transactions and dispute resolution. We work with people from all backgrounds whose experiences influence their personal relationships, their professional standing and their financial stability. We understand our clients’ needs because we have been in their shoes as business owners, investors, husbands and wives, and buyers and sellers.

Our Attorneys

 Rob Maitland 

Prior to becoming an attorney, Rob Maitland worked in high-level management of a prominent financial institution. This unique perspective of personal and professional financing, as well as his experience as a local business owner, informs his practice today as a lawyer. He enjoys helping local business owners and individuals achieve their goals and knows how to do so because he has been there himself.

Michele Lynn English

Michele Lynn English adds to this comprehensive representation with unique educational backgrounds. Ms. English has an LLM in taxation which contributes to our firm’s success in personal estate planning representation.

Ryan J. Mumper

Ryan J. Mumper’s practice is focused primarily in the areas of Landlord-Tenant Law, Real Estate, Business Law and Criminal Defense. He is licensed and admitted to the North Carolina State Bar.

Learn more about our team of experienced lawyers by clicking the links below, or by scheduling a consultation. We can be reached online or by telephone at 919-944-4757.

Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, or you just need to know your case is being handled with attention to detail and the ability to do a job right, we can help.

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