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Compassionate Guidance In Elder Law Issues Your Family Is Facing

As we age, there are two main areas of concern for many of us: our assets and our health. One is simply not as enjoyable without the other. Our experienced elder law attorneys will work with you to protect both for as long as possible.

Maitland & Stiffler Law Firm, PLLC, located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, offers estate planning, probate and other elder law services to those throughout the Triangle. We understand how challenging elder law issues can be for family members of elderly individuals. Our lawyers and staff take the time to work closely with clients to ensure all questions are answered and issues are addressed.

Aspects Of Elder Law We Frequently Handle

Our firm uses extensive experience when providing information and representation to clients in a wide variety of elder law-focused legal services, such as:

Long-Term Care Concerns For North Carolina Residents

For many families, it is a good strategy to transfer assets to adult children or other beneficiaries three years prior to the need for assisted living or nursing home care. A trust is a good way to transfer wealth by minimizing or eliminating federal and state taxes in North Carolina, while still maintaining your control and enjoyment of the funds you have worked so hard to create.

There are other types of services that an experienced elder law attorney can provide. We can help:

  • Set up the finances and the terms for assisted living
  • Prepare health care directives
  • Designate an individual with powers of attorney or durable powers of attorney
  • Act as guardians or trustees

Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones

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