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Putting Children’s Needs First In Child Custody Matters

Whether parents are married and are now going through a divorce, or have never been married, facing issues that involve their children can be extremely challenging and emotionally charged. At Maitland & Stiffler Law Firm, PLLC, we understand how difficult child custody cases can be. We have extensive experience handling these types of cases, and ensure our focus – and yours – is on the children and their needs at all times. Our firm helps parents in many different communities, including Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, Research Triangle Park and the surrounding areas.

Consideration For Your Family’s Specific Situation

Even with ever-progressive social norms, family law and divorce matters involving children still thought to skew in favor of the mother. While this is slowly changing, child custody decisions involve a variety of factors that go beyond where the children live. There is also consideration given to who is able to make decisions for the children regarding important life matters and day-to-day issues. Some factors that influence physical (where they live) and legal (who makes decisions) custody agreements include:

  • The age of the children
  • The child’s health care and financial needs
  • The child’s education (i.e., will the child need to leave a stable school environment when custody agreements are finalized?)

Children are innocent bystanders through the divorce process, but they end up facing some of the most severe emotional and financial hardships when all is said and done. Their parents may struggle to get by in a single-parent household. The children themselves may end up taking on more responsibility at home at an early age. We work closely with our clients to protect and preserve relationships between children and their parents.

Guiding You Through All Steps In The Child Custody Process

We have handled countless cases that involve fairly routine questions of visitation, parenting plans and child custody modifications, but we know from experience that every family is different. Our personal and understanding approach to these sensitive issues helps our clients make favorable, lasting decisions in the issues that are unique to their families.

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