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Wills and Power of Attorneys: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Will?

We always recommends creating a Will in order to protect your assets and your loved ones, and to ensure that your wishes are met.

What’s a Power of Attorney?

This allows you to put someone in charge of handling financial and legal matters for you if you’re unable to do so (e.g. you’re in the hospital and cannot speak for yourself).

Additionally, we can create a Healthcare Power of Attorney that allows you to put someone in charge of handling your healthcare decisions if you’re unable to do so.

Do my Children need a Power of Attorney?

Generally, no. However, once your child turns 18 years old, they are no longer considered children. Unfortunately, this can lead to extreme difficulty if your adult child suffers any serious injury that renders them incapable of making healthcare or financial decisions. If such injury occurs, then as the parents/guardians, you may not be permitted to make any healthcare decisions on behalf of your adult children. In order to avoid this traumatic and distressing experience, we always recommend creating a Power of Attorney for your children as soon as they turn 18 years old.

How do I get a Power of Attorney or a Will?

Maitland and English would be happy to assist you in creating a Will that protects your family and loved ones as well as creating a Power of Attorney that protects you. Depending on the complexity, our Team can prepare a Will and/or Power of Attorney for you or your loved one within 48 hours. Call or email us today to find out more information!