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Are you experiencing any of these top reasons for divorce?

If you’ve found yourself to our blog, then you might be wondering whether divorce is right for you. Although you might have already decided that the time has come to dissolve your marriage, there’s a chance that you still might be on the fence.

You might be worried about the financial implications of divorce, or you might be concerned about how divorce will impact your children and the time that you get to spend with them.

It’s a difficult decision to make, for sure. After all, you’ve spent years building your life with someone you loved. The mere thought of untangling that life can be heart-breaking and emotionally devastating.

Top causes of divorce

But being stuck in a toxic marriage can be harmful to you in nearly every way. Therefore, if you’re trying to make a final decision on whether divorce is right for you, then you might want to consider if any of the following common causes of divorce apply in your marriage:

  • Abuse: If you’re being subjected to physical, psychological, emotional or verbal abuse, then now is probably the time to find a way out of your marriage. You’ll have to be careful that you formulate a plan that protects your safety and well-being, but it can be done.
  • Adultery: This is a common cause of divorce, as adultery is a clear sign that your spouse isn’t committed to your relationship. While some couples are able to come back from an affair, others simply can’t put the matter behind them and are tortured by continuing in their marriage.
  • Lack of commitment: Marriages take work to succeed. But if your spouse is unwilling to put in the effort necessary to address the issues in your marriage, then you might feel like they’re not invested in your relationship. This can be a sign that your marriage isn’t going to improve.
  • Communication issues: If you and your spouse can’t effectively communicate with one another, then even seemingly minor disagreements can blow up into arguments that include shouting, insults, and sometimes even violence. When you and your spouse can’t find a way around this issue, then it may be time to consider marriage dissolution.
  • Addiction: Drug and alcohol addiction can wreck a marriage. If your spouse is unable or unwilling to seek treatment, then you might need to find a way out to protect yourself and your future.
  • Lack of intimacy: Sometimes couples simply fall out of love with each other and otherwise lose interest in each other. This can create a lack of physical and emotional intimacy that can be fatal to a marriage.
  • Contradictory values: People change over time, and so can their values. When your values don’t align with those of your spouse, then you could find yourself in a position where you’re forced to compromise on your beliefs. You don’t want that to happen.
  • Money problems: Financial issues are a huge driving force behind marital problems. So, if your spouse is mismanaging money or you and your spouse have conflicting ideas on how to get ahold of your marital finances, then you may just need to go your separate ways to ensure that you’re protecting your financial future as you see fit.

Are you ready to take the next steps toward divorce?

It can be scary to walk into the unknown of divorce. However, you can take the uncertainty out of the process by walking through it with a skilled legal advocate by your side. So, if you’re ready to take the next steps toward dissolving your marriage, then now is a good time to consider your representation options and reach out to those that you think are best for you.