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The Maitland law firm provides a broad range of quality legal assistance to citizens as well as corporate firms based in Durham, North Carolina. When legally entangled, you need proficient lawyers with consummate knowledge and relevant experience to counsel you in the best interest.

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Our hands-on experience in navigating through the complications has made us a sought after choice of individuals as well as companies. Our attorneys in Durham are proficient to counsel and represent clients of all leagues in the following matters:

  • Criminal law. Our lawyers provide excellent defense for criminal cases ranging from felonies to corporate crimes to drug possession, robbery, and much more. You can easily find the best Durham County attorney with us to represent you in the state or federal courts in North Carolina.
  • Family Law: Our lawyers are pros in dealing with sensitive family legal matters concerning divorce, or any property issues. Maintaining high level of confidentiality, we work in close association to file the case as well as appeal the existing judgments. Any sort of challenge or intricacy levels is dealt with the utmost perfection to support our clients in their endeavors.
  • Traffic violations. Our lawyers defend individuals charged with traffic violation such as reckless driving, over speeding, hit and run, accidental death and much more. Our prime motive is to reduce the penalty and avert any major damage on their driving insurance.
  • Personal injury: Our lawyers defend complainants who have suffered from any sort of accidental acts such as medical negligence, workplace injury compensation, accidental insurance claims and much more.
  • Estate Law: Our lawyers are specialized to handle and manage wills, probate and trust cases pertaining to legal right on a property of individuals and business firms.

These are some of the legal services our Durham lawyers provide but our potential surpasses much more than the same.

What Our  Durham Lawyers Offer?

  • Patient Hearing: We give patient hearing to each and every client of ours to help you find the most suitable legal solution. Whether the issue is complicated or not, we rigorously work to find legal solution in the best interest of our clients.
  • Commitment: We are steadfast in our commitment to provide quality legal services to all our clients. Our prime focus is to continuously work to get quick judgment without exhausting much of your resources including funds.
  • Honesty: It is hallmark of all our services to forge an honest association with all our clients without hiding or concealing any relevant facts.
  • Affordable: We value every penny invested on availing our services. All the legal fees including the court charges are well affordable despite the intricate nature of legal services sought.
  • Time-Effective: We consider time is money for our clients. Our lawyers rationally invest time in evaluating your legal case and deciphering clients expectations to reduce the number of court hearings to save your valuable time.

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