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Child custody issues can have a serious impact on your routine life. Hire a child custody attorney today and release half of the burden from your shoulders.

We at Maitland & English Law, are a talented team of attorneys, have extensive experience in our respective fields, be it child custody, divorce, family law or business law. We are working tirelessly to help families in obtaining custody that is in the best interest of their child.

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How Can We Assist You?

We have worked with people from different backgrounds so we can sense the complexity of a case, it helps us in anticipating each case with detailed attention and make an informed decision.

We provide assistance to fight for:

Legal Custody

If you’re unable to afford your child’s expenses, you can consult child custody attorney at MaitLand Law to file a legal custody case.

We will make all legal arrangements to let you attain the legal custody of your child that allows you to make legal decisions regarding their future education, religion, and healthcare, etc.

Physical Custody

You can rely on us to get physical custody of your child if you are concerned about their well-being and upbringing.

Our talented team of lawyers brings together a great mix of professional experience to handle different cases to provide you success.

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What makes us Trustworthy?

At Maitland & English Law, we aim to serve our clients with the best possible solutions to get their child custody and let go of things they no more want to be a part of.

Legal relief

Our specialized team of attorneys dealing in child custody lawsuits understands the legal complexities and is well-versed in parental rights (to raise their kids in the appropriate and supportive home). We make sure you get what you expect.


Our child custody attorney takes your calls and addresses your concerns in no time as the client’s convenience is our top priority. You will be notified of all the important details of child custody arrangement before we plan something new.

Reasonable Fees

We strive to offer needful assistance to families looking for child custody without putting much burden on their pocket. We work hard to resolve the case as per our client’s expectation within a committed period.

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