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Registered Agents, Your Personal Representative for your Business

When registering your business with the Secretary of State, you are required to identify a Registered Agent.  The requirement for the registered agent is set out via NC General Statute and is as follows:

  • Must be an individual who resides in this state and whose business office is identical with the registered office;
  • A domestic corporation, non-profit corporation or LLC whose business office is identical with the registered office; or
  • A foreign corporation, foreign non-profit or foreign LLC authorized to transact business or conduct affairs within the state whose business office is identical with the registered office.

Start-ups and smaller businesses that maybe have home offices value the service of the Registered Agent because it allows them to use a different address than their home address.  The address on file must be of actual office or residence, as Post Office Box addresses are not allowed to be used for the address of the Registered Agent.

The sole responsibility of the registered agent is to forward to the business that it represents any and all notice, process or demand that is served on the business via the Registered Agent.  Many entities find comfort in this being at another address because they may overlook certain documentation if sent to their office address due to them being in the business of making their business profitable.

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