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9/27 Chapel Hill 2020 Meeting- East Chapel Hill HS

Rob Maitland is proud to have been appointed to be a leading member of Chapel Hill’s 2020 Project, a new Comprehensive Plan to reexamine the vision for Chapel Hill and our community’s future. The new planning and visioning document will create a framework for the community to guide our Town Council in managing Chapel Hill’s future over the next 20 years.

Rob believes that too often politics can be controlled by vested interests on the extreme 10% of each side of an issue. Chapel Hill 2020 is committed to hearing the voices of the “80% of us in the middle” and that’s why we encourage you to participate in the process. Now is your chance to make a difference!

The first meeting is from 5:00-8:00 p.m. on September 27th at East Chapel Hill High School. Please come for all or part of the meeting, child care is available.