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America is the land of opportunity. This country’s university system is unparalleled and many talented foreign nationals come here to attend top quality educational institutions. Several of these institutions such as the schools supporting Research Triangle Park are located in our region. Often, these talented people build lives here and want to stay permanently.

At The Maitland Law Firm, PLLC we handle a wide range of immigration matters including applications for U.S. citizenship and requests for different types of visas. If you married a U.S. citizen, we will request a marriage visa on your behalf. Alternatively, if you wish to be legally employed here, we will apply for a work visa. We also handle family visas and adjustment of status applications.

If you run a company that wants to hire foreign nationals who recently graduated from a local college or university and are here on student visas, we will advise you on the best manner to address your needs and those of your prospective employees.

The immigration process is complicated and fraught with risk — mishandling an immigration matter carries serious consequences. To avoid these risks and protect your interests, contact the experienced immigration lawyers of The Maitland Law Firm, PLLC. We are conveniently located in Chapel Hill NC. Contact us at 919-914-0833 or


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